37 Series Electronic Wire

Category Cable


The ideal choice for LAN transmission with specified bandwidth up to 16 MHz. These cables are used for voice and data communications and can handle application bandwidths up to 16 MHz. Other uses for these cables include indoor use on customer premises for the interconnection of telephone key systems, PBX and intercom systems.

CAT3 ARMM Series Riser

The AR Series Riser Cables are intended for vertical and horizontal distribution in commercial buildings and meet Category 3 electrical specifications. This includes all applications except those in plenums.

CAT5 Broadband Backbone

Ideal for direct burial, underground and lashed aerial applications. This cable provides an extension of the LAN beyond the premises.

CAT5E OSP Broadband

Designed to provide extension of the LAN beyond the premises. Suitable for buried applications.


Marathon LAN Category 5E cable offers an exceptional value for jobs that require standards compliance at a cost effective price. While Marathon LAN cable meets all of the ANSI/TIA.EIA-568-B.2 specifications, it also offers other features that make it easier to use, save on installation time and expense and ensure product quality during the installation. From the QuickCount feature, which marks the exact cable remaining in the box, to the WideMouth payout design, which reduces tension on the wire as it is pulled during installation. Marathon LAN cable provides more overall value than any other CAT 5e product available today.

NSPEC CAT 5E CMR (350mhz)

NSPEC Cat 5E offers unbeatable value, as this fully ANSI/TIA.EIA-568-C.2-compliant cable comes at a very practical price. NSPEC Cat 5E is meter-marked for easy measuring and comes in a durable box with special features for fast and effortless installation


DataGain cable provides the best value in category 6+ cables on the market today. The innovative design, which utilizes a flexible center flat tape, yields exceptional performance that exceeds TIA/EIA CAT 6 specifications. DataGain easily surpasses the performance of other cost-competitive CAT 6 cables.

10Gain CAT6A CMR

10Gain cable brings Category 6A UTP performance to a new level. This cable meets the internal and alien cross-talk performance requirements of ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 as tested in a 6 around 1 configuration. 10Gain CAT 6A cable demonstrates superior capability for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and all other bandwidth intensive and legacy applications.


10Gain XP with its non-conductive Isolation Wrap, is the first Category 6A cable without a continuous shield to offer 3 dB margin over Alien Crosstalk (AXT) performance requirements in ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10. The uniquely designed Isolation Wrap contains discontinuous sections of metalized material, held in place by a polymeric layer. 10Gain XP fully complies with UL 444 requirements for an unshielded twisted pair product.

CAT6 OSP Broadband

BBD6 is an Outside Plant Unshielded Broadband Category 6 cable. BBD6 has guaranteed transmission performance out to 250 MHz. The cable consists of a core of four balanced twisted pairs held in place by a cross-web separator and surrounded by a filling compound to prevent water ingress. The core is jacketed with a sunlight and abrasion resistant black polyethylene outer jacket.

Category 5E Aluminum Armoured

Industrial ethernet cable, harsh environments, 350MHz enhanced Category 5e, Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Base TX, flexible applications, armoured for extra protection. Sunlight and oil resistant.

Dual Category 5E Aluminum Armoured

100 Base TX, 100 Base VG ANYLAN, and 155 ATM, use in high bandwidth existing or future applications such as 622 ATM and gigabit ethernet. Sunlight and oil resistant.

Category 6 Aluminum Armoured

Gigabit Ethernet and other bandwidth intensive applications. 10BASE-T through 1000BASE-T Ethernet, ATM and token ring, supports legacy protocols and applications..

Dual Category 6 Aluminum Armoured

100 Base TX, 100 Base VG ANYLAN, and 155 ATM, use in high bandwidth existing or future applications such as 622 ATM and gigabit Ethernet


NSPEC Cat 5e offers unbeatable value, as this fully TIA/EIA-568-B.2-compliant cable comes at a very practical price.


NSPEC Cat 6 offers unbeatable value, as this fully TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1-compliant cable comes at a very practical price.