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2268 Peardonville Rd., Unit 155,
Abbotsford, B.C V2K 6J8


We offer cutting from master reels at no additional charge, making it easy to get the exact length you need.

Inventory Management

Our team can help you manage your inventory and set up custom release-to-site schedules.


Our paralleling service makes it easy and convenient to pull multiple conductors at once.


We provide custom kitting solutions that ensure all of the equipment and components you need are shipped together.

Custom Labelling

We can custom label all of your items to match your specific needs, making identification onsite as easy as possible.

Stripping / Dying / Twisting

We provide cable stripping, dying, and twisting services so that your items are ready to go as soon as they arrive onsite.

Custom Pulling Eye Installation

Our professional team members can preinstall custom pulling eyes onto your cables to make pulling cables safer and more efficient.

Extensive Experience

Our team is always happy to answer any technical questions, source hard-to-find items, and help you track down the right items for your application.