January 18, 2019. A number of major retailers in a busy Calgary mall had to shut down because of a power outage due to an unknown failure. Officials with the shopping center issued a statement that a large number of stores were affected by the blackout and would be closed until further notice.

Late Friday evening Pat Murphy of Noramco Calgary received an urgent phone call from an electrical contractor responding to an electrical fire in the Mall. The contractor required electrical cable to provide emergency power to the affected retailers during a busy shopping weekend.

Pat immediately coordinated and personally supervised emergency cutting services for 3/0 4-conductor Teck90 electrical cable. Urgent pick-up and delivery to the jobsite were quickly organized to ensure timely repair. The work was completed on time, and the retailers were able to open their doors thanks to the emergency power provided. Thank you, Mr Pat Murphy, for responding in such a professional and caring manner.

We know how costly down-time is on a job site, and how critical it is to diagnose and fix problems with cable or electrical wire. That’s why we have an always-on emergency line, and when you call, we swing into action. Our goal is to help you get back up and running yesterday. When you have to trust service, trust Noramco.

Emergency 24/7 service 1-800-663-8434.