Leviton is changing load centers for residential applications. With easy to install, snap in breakers and easy to read fault trips on the breakers,  and aesthetically appealing design, this load centre breaks all the rules. Termination of the breakers are done at custom lugs in the panel and not at the circuit breaker. Just wire to the lug and safely install and remove the plug-on breaker. Can be easily invertible for bottom feed applications. Can change from 100 amp to 200 amp applications WITHOUT removing the panel! This panel is solar ready and approved for any homes with solar installations. GCFI, AFCI and Dual Function breakers incorporate LEDs so users can easily identify the trip condition of the breaker. An optional observation window in the cover allows the users to see at a glance the operating state of all breakers without opening the door.   Noramco is pleased to be the inventory specialist of this product. Come check it out in our showroom!  Read more