Going Green……a focus in our world and in our wire and cable locations of Noramco. We are aware that everything we do has an impact on our environment, and we are consistently looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and promote sustainability in all of our locations and communities.

Our entire organization is encouraged to work in a more sustainable and greener way.

Recycling of metals, plastics, packaging and wood are done everyday at our locations. Separation of the different products is done to achieve high degrees of recycling efficiency.

Managing power consumption in our warehouses is a focus. Noramco lighting and heating/cooling systems are certified energy efficient. Our material handling equipment is moving from propane to electric, and charging of the electric equipment is done in off peak hours.

All reels are recycled through a returnable reel program, using them as many times as possible.

Once the reel has outlived its cycle, it is dismantled and the wood is made into chips to help with landscaping, reduction of weeds and grasses where necessary (no noxious sprays need to be applied). The bolts returned to a metal recycler to be reused or recycled.

Many of the cables we supply are RoHS manufactured, all lead is removed from the pvc.

Our office environments ensure recycling of paper, glass, plastic and metal can recycling.

Planning is done to have shipments sent to the warehouses via the container loads to minimize the amount of carbon emissions.

Shipments out to our customers are consolidated as much as possible, to again lessen the carbon emissions impact.

Noramco is working hard towards a green future and leaving less of a carbon footprint on our world.