Broadband Communications

Your business travels at the speed of light. We make sure you arrive on time and on budget. With no surprises.

Our expertise shines through

We pride ourselves on our team’s depth and breadth of experience. And we take an interest in your project that goes beyond the surface. So when you come to us, we won’t just sell you cable. We’ll earn your confidence.

We know what fiber optic cable works best in a wide variety of settings. Once we’ve learned how your cable will be used, we’ll draw on our expertise to give you the best solution – not the first idea, not the simplest one, but the right one.

Whether that’s cable we routinely stock in our distribution centres across the country, or a product we’ll source from our global network of top-quality manufacturers, we’ll get what you need—or have it made, if that’s what it takes.

We’re leaders in the field

Our commitment to this industry doesn’t start and end with a sale. We champion industry standards. We train and mentor clients and future clients. We lead field trials so clients can preview a product’s performance.

We stay on top of product developments and flag new products that will make your business soar.

By sharing our expertise we’re strengthening the broadband communications industry as a whole. Just another way we hope to earn your trust.

Our service is legendary

Our service doesn’t stop when the sale completes. Our goal is to smooth your project’s friction points—and we have many creative ways to do that.

It’s a rare order that goes to you the way it comes to us. We’ll cut, label, stamp and box your cable to make it easy to receive and handle. We’ll stock it for you, delivering it as-needed onsite, so you won’t have to dedicate space to inventory or resources to security.

That “no surprises” mantra isnt’ just talk. If a sudden hitch develops in product availability or the delivery schedule, we’ll let you know—and tell you what we plan to do about it.

And if something goes wrong on your end, we’ll swing into even higher gear. We’re totally dedicated to getting your problem fixed.

This is how Noramco brings value to our clients in broadband communications.

Case studies

Putting an Unhappy New Year right

The client

Our client was a major multiple system operator (MSO) in Ontario.

The challenge

On New Year’s Eve Noramco got a call from our client worried that a cable was snapping on the strand in Ottawa’s -25°C weather. He wanted to know whether it could be repaired.

Noramco’s solution

Within 2 days Noramco did a site inspection and took photos, then began negotiations with the manufacturer to determine whether the cable could be repaired on the strand.

Once it was determined that the cable could not be repaired, Noramco sent replacement cable from our own inventory, and notified the client to remove the cable that had been installed. We then coordinated testing with the client at the manufacturer’s location, to determine the root cause of the failure. During this time Noramco met with the client and placement contractors to review placement procedures, ensuring this error did not reoccur.

Noramco led the process from the time of the first urgent phone call to the final cable replacement 5 months later. Our long history and strong relationship with the manufacturer opened the door to a satisfactory resolution for our client.

The result

By responding quickly and working proactively to find a solution, Noramco ensured uninterrupted service and protected the reputation of our client.

Introducing a new product to boost critical service support

The client

This client was a local telecommunications provider in the Toronto area.

The challenge

An ongoing challenge for telecommunications companies is the need to maintain critical service levels to institutional customers, such as financial institutions and carrier hotels. These service levels are vital to the internal and external communication needs of these valued organizations.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco introduced a new technology using ribbon fibre to our clients, which cut down restoration time to about 1/4 of the time it normally takes to repair loose tube fibre in high counts. Noramco then worked—and continues to work—with the client to retrain their team on the new, faster process.

The result

Both the new product and process have revolutionized this client’s business, enabling them to maintain critical service levels and quickly address urgent repairs when needed. By keeping Noramco’s client on the cutting edge of technology—thus making them more competitive in the high-speed market—our client has become the industry leader in service and reliability.