Building Infrastructure

From the massive cable that powers a downtown high-rise, to the human-hair-sized fibre optic cable that connects us to the world, Noramco sources and supplies it all to Canada’s building industry.

Here from the beginning, focused on the future

Noramco has incredibly deep roots as a specialty wire and cable company. But even more vital than the company’s history is that of our people. Most of our team have been here for 15 or more (many more) years, and we pride ourselves on our command of the product landscape, our grasp of industry trends, and our unrivalled service quality.

Specialized expertise at your service

Whether you’re building a new security, fire alarm, lighting or communication system—for a townhouse project, new high-rise or commercial complex—you’ve got questions and we’ve got the answers.

We’ll engage you to understand your needs, and partner with you to provide the best wire and cable solutions for your application.

With our distribution centres across the country, you’ll enjoy the security of knowing there’s a huge inventory of cable and wire at the ready. And we’ll reach out to our global network of top-quality manufacturers to source the hard-to-find at top speed.

Independent and quick to respond

When you deal with Noramco you’re dealing with decision-makers, not gate-keepers. We can turn an order around before the ink has dried on the quote.

And we treat you the same after we win the business as we did before. If something goes wrong, we can—and do—jump into solution mode. No waiting for “permission to speak” from head office. We’ve got your back—24 hours a day.

Because we believe the real test of a partnership is how your partner behaves when you have a problem. And we’re ready—maybe eager—to take that test.

Say hello to your procurement project management system

We go way beyond simply taking your order and delivering your product. We have so many creative ways to save you time and money you’ll wonder where we keep our magic wands. But here’s the real magic—a service and supply philosophy that just won’t quit.

We negotiate with vendors to lock in pricing so you won’t get hit by a costly increase part way through the project.

We’ll manage your inventory on our site to save you space. We’ll coordinate with your schedule so you’ll get what you need just when you need it, and you won’t need to worry about security. And we only use jobsite-savvy delivery firms.

We look for ways to assemble the product to speed up your handling time. We’ll do the paralleling at our warehouse to save you time on site. We can make specialized equipment available to you for easier handling. We’ll cut custom lengths. We’ll package it up pretty—with custom colours, your company’s name or barcode—if that helps.

This is how Noramco brings value to to our clients in the building infrastructure industry.

Case studies

Minimizing ski hill jobsite downtime

The client

This client is an electrical contractor in the Calgary region.

The challenge

The client was working on a project laying trench for Sunshine Village, a ski resort in Banff, Alberta. A mistake had been made in the estimate of the quantity of cable needed. With a large crew already assembled, an open trench and the electricity company onsite, expenses were mounting rapidly.

Noramco’s solution

The client placed an urgent call to Noramco. Our team swung into action, loaded the required cable from our warehouse onto our vehicle and delivered it to the jobsite—a distance of 125 km—in less than 2 hours.

The result

Thanks to Noramco’s quick action the client was able to get back to work within 2 hours of the initial call and complete the job on time with minimal expense.