Clean Energy

The clean energy economy is fast approaching. Noramco has carved out a place at the leading edge of progress—with the cable and wire resources to power the world wisely.

View to the future

We stay on top of new developments in clean energy and what that means for your business, so we’re ready to supply the cable and wire you need today—and what you’ll need tomorrow.

Today that might be high voltage cable to transfer energy from solar or wind farms into the grid. Or the wire and cabling to transform a school board’s energy source to solar.

Down the road, we expect to see people and businesses moving off the grid by changing their power source to a solar supply. Touch-safe low voltage LVDC power supply systems will become common, as will renewable energy sources and energy storing systems.

In the world of smart everything from fridges to lampposts, fibre optic cable will replace electrical wire for many applications. This internet-of-things will create an almost infinite demand for data transmission highways and their storage facilities.

These conversions spell change to the whole cable, wiring and fibre optic infrastructure worldwide.

In the transportation field we think—no, we know—cars will soon be electric, demanding an entirely new set-up for recharging stations.

These changes to our industry are massive and they’re bearing down on us at speed. Noramco is ready.

Unequalled expertise

Noramco may be future-thinking but our expertise and service philosophy are built on the wisdom of a century. The depth and breadth of our team’s experience is unmatched in the business. And as our client, you’ll benefit at every stage of the process. Because we put our experience to work for you at every step, from defining requirements to delivery and installation.

We start by diving deep into your requirements. If you need us to, we’ll work with your engineer or design teams to help define them. There’s virtually no application or situation we haven’t encountered already, and we want you to benefit from our experience.

Once we know more about your business, your plans and the conditions your cable will need to withstand, we’ll draw on our expertise to recommend the very best product and procurement approach for your specific project.

Unrivalled solutions

With distribution centres across the country, we stock all of the standard cable and wire for any application. But when you have a rare requirement, we’ll activate our global network of top quality manufacturers to source and order the product for you. We’ll even have it custom-created, if that’s what it takes.

Once the cable reaches us, we have myriad creative ways to add even more value. We’ll cut cable to length. We’ll preassemble product so it’s ready to install when it arrives on your site. We’ll loan you specialized equipment to handle heavy spindles. We’ll hold your stock, and schedule it to arrive just when needed—so you don’t need to dedicate space to inventory and resources to security.

You’ll often end up saving time, money or both. You’ll always end up with the best product for your needs, delivered on time, on budget.

And if something goes haywire? Give us a shout—24 hours a day. We’re here. We’ll help. We’re fast.

This is how Noramco brings value to our clients in alternative energy.

Case studies

Niagara Region Wind Farm

The client

One of North America’s largest alternate energy infrastructure developers.

The challenge

The customer had an urgent timeline for construction of the Niagara Region Wind Farm, slated to be one of the largest wind farms in North America. The call for Noramco to partner on the project came early in the summer of 2015, with construction to be completed by year end.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco coordinated all logistics with the manufacturing plant, freight carrier and job site personnel. We delivered 650 km of 35-kv medium voltage power cable, as well as the fiber optic cable used to collect and transmit critical wind condition information from each turbine.

The result

Noramco’s extraordinary skill in project management brought a challenging schedule to a successful close, reinforcing the customer’s trust in Noramco’s performance against the clock.