Natural Resources

Capable, flexible and creative—these words don’t often come to mind when you think of cable suppliers to the oil, gas and mining industries.

That’s what sets Noramco apart.

We get you, and we get this business

We know that now more than ever, contracts are hard-won in the natural resources sector. And a successful bid comes down to more than just the cost of the materials.

You need the right cabling to withstand harsh conditions. Cable with the external integrity and strength not to break when it’s run over by heavy equipment or thrown down a shaft. Rugged fibre optic cable. Explosion-proof connectors. Combination cable for specialized applications.

You need a powerful project management system on your side. And assurance your costs won’t escalate over time.

You need Noramco’s track record of years in the business, deep product knowledge, and superior customer service to help you win business and deliver on your commitments.

We’re cable and wire gurus

We know the products that suit your conditions, and where to get them. How much they’re going for today and how much they’re likely to command tomorrow.

We stay on top of industry advancements and keep our clients in the loop so when an improved product hits the market, you’re the first to know.

We provide you with options, so you can make informed decisions. Not sure what cable will work best in your situation? Our seasoned team can guide and advise.

We’ve got the remedy for project management aches and pains

We not only know what cable you need, we stock most of it routinely. And with our extensive international network of manufacturers, we can find the unique and unusual. We keep your order in stock, and deliver it to your project site—so you have what you need, just when you need it.

You don’t have to dedicate space for your inventory, or hire resources to manage it. You just need Noramco.

We hold the line on rising costs

One of the harshest environments in our industry today is the commodities market – and not just the price of oil and gas. As the value of copper and aluminum fluctuates, the cost of cable can rise dramatically making today’s bid tomorrow’s losing proposition. We work with you to stabilize the cost of cable throughout the lifecycle of your project so you can have confidence in your cost projections – and sleep better at night!

We’re here to help

We pride ourselves on the flexible approach we take with each client and project. We love the challenge of finding creative solutions to help you win business—and our ability to quickly solve problems when they arise. We make your success our goal.

This is how Noramco brings value to our clients in natural resources.

Case studies

Controlling the cost of cable

The client

This client is a large contractor who works in the industrial marketplace for major oil and gas companies.

The challenge

The client was bidding on a contract for a project that was expected to last a year. They were concerned that with the recent upward pressure on the global price of copper, the price for cable would increase throughout the span of the project, leading to a greatly reduced profit margin for their customer. They wanted to offer a firm price for cable in the bid, but didn’t know how they could realistically do that.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco proposed a “Buy & Store it” approach. In this scenario, the client would purchase the cable up front and Noramco would hold the cable, delivering it as needed to the jobsite.

The result

As a result of this creative approach, the client was able to offer their customer a firm price for the entire project, and won the business.