Looking for an OEM and MRO specialty cable and wire supplier with the experience, resourcefulness and service savvy to reduce your risks and boost your uptime?

Look no further.

We put our experience to work—for you

Noramco’s long-tenured staff with deep experience in the manufacturing sector gives us the know-how and confidence to do the best by our clients. We treat you like partners, not numbers. When you ask us for a quote, we ask you for more details—about your business, your process and the conditions you’ll be using our products in.

Will it need to withstand 500o in a blow furnace? Will it have to perform 5 million cycles in a robotic arm? Will it be sanitized or sprayed with solvent in a milk processing factory? Curious minds—ours—want to know.

Because if we can tap our expertise to save you money or time—we’ll likely point that out.

We know the best people

With our vast inventory of wire and cable at distribution centres across the country, chances are great that we’ll have what you need right on hand. But if we don’t, we’ll find it—or have something designed and delivered for your specific purpose—through our partnerships with the best manufacturers in the industry.

And our key manufacturer network and involvement with recognized industry associations keep Noramco’s technical sales specialists on the cutting edge of product innovation—a benefit we’re only too happy to share with our clients.

We seek out ways to add value

Once we understand your application and its environment, how you receive product, where it’s stored, how it’s prepared for installation and what triggers replenishment, we can not only provide you with the most suitable wire, cable and accessories, but tailor a solution specific to how you want it received, identified or managed.

If applying your parts number to your cable makes it faster to receive, we can do that. Need your shipment loaded in a certain order? Done. Want us to release the cable in stages rather than all at once? If it will help preserve your valuable plant floor space—can do. Need your cable cut to length? No problem. Let us box it too. All you need to do at your end is open the box and install.

These are just some of the ways we work to make your project go better, smoother, faster.

Our service philosophy speaks for itself

We understand production up time is critical to the success of our OEM and MRO customers. Our ability to process an order effectively and get it to your floor quickly has earned us a reputation as the supplier to count on. Everyone at Noramco from front desk staff through the warehouse folks to your technical sales specialist is totally focused on getting you what you need and getting it right—the first time.

But if you’re in a jam, we also make it right, at lightning speed. We know that any delay is costly—and we’re committed to your success.

This is how Noramco brings value to our clients in manufacturing.

Case studies

Preventing plant floor down time

The client

Noramco’s client was the production manager of an automotive manufacturing plant.

The challenge

Our client called with an urgent problem—a production line was down and the replacement cable could only be found in Germany.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco found a temporary alternative in our cable inventory, which would keep production flowing while we placed the order for the permanent replacement from the European manufacturer.

The result

Because of Noramco’s extensive stock of cable—and quick action—we were able to get the client’s line back up and running the day we received the call. This allowed production to carry on with very little interruption while the application-specific product was in transit.

Supporting our clients’ business growth

The client

Our client was a panel shop in Mississauga, Ontario.

The challenge

The client had been awarded the contract for a large project, which called for double the number of panels that a typical job requires. The client didn’t have enough space in their production facility to complete the order on time.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco increased inventory levels at our distribution centre and released shipments to the client each day.

The result

This freed up valuable floor space at the client’s facility, which they could then use to complete the panel builds. The end result for the client was a winning bid, a new customer, an expansion of their business, and peace of mind.