Power Distribution

To our clients in power distribution, Noramco is much more than a cable and wire supplier. With unmatched experience and unparalleled service quality, we’re the partner that residential and commercial contractors rely on to build a quote, win the bid, and deliver the project on time and on budget.

Our quotes win bids

Our people have a long and strong track record in this industry. And our clients benefit directly from our comprehensive product knowledge, command of municipal requirements and solid relationships with leading manufacturers.

We don’t have to flip through catalogues to create a quote—we already know the product and your customers so well that our turnaround time leaves competitors in the dust. And we back up our quotes with technical specs, shutting the door on costly approval delays in the field.

We’re straight shooters

We don’t take a request at face value. If we know of a cable that will work better than what you’ve specified, we’ll tell you. Our goal is to get you the best cable for the job, at the best price, in the quickest time, and make sure you receive the product that will cause the fewest headaches in the future.

We’re a step ahead

We pride ourselves on anticipating your needs (some call it our secret sauce) and with distribution centres right across the country you can be sure we have every type of standard cable you’ll need in stock, ready to ship within a day.

We’re inventory wizards

No one knows better than we do how challenging it is to manage and secure an inventory of valuable cable throughout the life of a project. That’s why Noramco decided to solve that problem for our clients.

We’ll order your cable, warehouse it and deliver it to your jobsite exactly when you want it. So you don’t need extra storage space, and your valuable cable won’t take a stroll one night.

One more worry taken care of.

We know, you’re special

Some jobs demand specialized answers. With our global network of manufacturers we can source unique cable when that’s what you need. We also have a cut-to-length option so you’re only paying for what you’ll use.

When stuff happens, Noramco’s there

We know how costly down-time is on a jobsite, and how critical it is to diagnose and fix problems with cable or electrical wire. That’s why we have an always-on emergency line, and when you call, we swing into action. Our goal is to help you get back up and running yesterday.

This is how Noramco brings value to our clients in power distribution.

Case studies

Friday Harbour complex wire & cable project

The client

Our client was the developer for Friday Harbour, a new resort-style community north of Toronto.

The challenge

This company needed a supplier who could handle the broad range of electrical cable and wire required for a large residential development, from medium and low voltage cable to security and telephone wire and fibre optic cable.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco sourced and ordered all the cable and wire stock needed for the project and stored it at our Mississauga distribution centre. Using our project management expertise we ensured that the cable was delivered to the job site in the right quantity at the right time throughout the lifespan of the project.

The result

No downtime occurred due to mis-timed cable delivery—and the company didn’t have the worry and expense of managing and securing the cable at their jobsite.

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