Specialty Markets – Marine, Welding & Irrigation

Meeting unique cable and wire requirements is one of our chief strengths. For electrical contractors in the marine, welding and irrigation fields, this is good news.

We source marine cable for boats, ships, and ship-to-shore

We start out by learning as much as we can about your project, so we can create a custom approach that will help you earn business.

Bring us your specs for the weird and the wonderful and we’ll tap our broad global network of manufacturers to find it. Your engineering team can review the product before we complete the order. If it doesn’t work for them, we’ll keep looking.

Need local storage while your project is underway? We can do that. Need your cable cut to length? We can do that too. Not sure what the best cable is for the conditions? Our knowledgeable team, with years of industry experience, can advise.

Noramco has built a reputation for flexibility, creativity and customer service. We strive to live up to that reputation with every client, every time.

Our welding and battery cable can take the heat

You need cable that can flex and stretch all day—and stay intact in harsh conditions. Noramco stocks only top-quality cable manufactured in North America, so you know you can count on it.

With its high copper content this cable—and your quote—can be at risk from rising market prices. Noramco’s remarkably fast turnaround time for quotes ensures you get the best price possible.

Your cable is delivered on above-standard, sturdy reels that won’t collapse under the cable’s weight. And we can custom-colour battery cable on request.

These are just some of the ways Noramco moves the needs of our clients to the head of the line.

Pump and irrigation cable – we’re there at Mother Nature’s call

Whetheryou drill wells or sell to those who do; whether you install irrigation systems on farms, golf courses or the Jones’s front yard; one thing you can confidently predict each year is how unpredictable your season can be.

But you do know that when the weather is finally right for pump installations, or dry conditions dictate more irrigation, you’ll need a cable vendor with reliable inventory so you can get out there and get the work done.

Noramco has been filling this role for many years. We’ve learned—through listening to our clients—what types of cable works best for well pumps and irrigation systems. We make sure we have ample supplies on hand before your season begins. So no matter when it begins, we’re there for you.

And with warehouses across the country we can ship what you need when you need it, often within a day.

This is how we bring value to our clients in the marine, welding and irrigation industries.

Case studies

Canadian Navy ship upgrade

The client

Seaspan Victoria Shipyards is a dry dock and repair facility located in Victoria BC. Victoria Shipyards can perform a wide range of repairs up to and including complete vessel conversions.

The challenge

Victoria Shipyards had a contract with the Canadian Navy’s FELEX program, to lengthen several ships and expand their capabilities. Each ship was treated as a separate phase within the overall program. Noramco was retained to source and store cable and wire as required for each phase.

Since the ships were older models, it would prove to be a significant challenge finding compatible components for the upgrade.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco worked with the manufacturers to verify that the materials met all the engineering specifications and standards. We stored the cable at our own location and delivered it as needed to the jobsite.

To meet ambitious deadlines in some cases, we brought in product on a rush order and fast-tracked it to the site. As additional benefits to our client, we cut the cable to requested lengths, cut product owned by Victoria Shipyards, and rewound surplus product so excess inventory didn’t go to waste.

The result

The program completed on time and on budget. Noramco received a supplier award from Seaspan Victoria Shipyards in recognition of our “outstanding dedication and service to the Victoria Shipyards HCM Felex/MLR Program”.

Canadian Navy submarine retrofit

The client

The client was an engineering firm working on behalf of the Government of Canada.

The challenge

The Canadian Navy engaged our client as part of a program to retrofit and maintain their submarine fleet. This was a highly confidential and secure undertaking. Noramco’s role was as electrical vendor of record throughout the program.

The submarines were built in Europe, so did not conform to North American standards. Timelines on both the retrofit and maintenance program were often short.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco sourced and supplied all materials. By drawing on our global network of manufacturers we were able to find compatible parts and materials that met the exacting engineering specs and standards.

To meet our deadlines we expedited shipments. For the maintenance program we kept an inventory of the exotic cable and wire required for the submarines.

The result

Our extensive expertise in marine engineering standards and our demonstrated ability to meet all their cable needs gave our client the peace of mind that comes from having a partner who is both advisor and supplier.