​Transit Industry Solutions

With deep experience supplying cable and wire for the country’s rail and mass transit industries, we’re set up to respond quickly to complex and detailed requirements. Our specialty is scoping and sourcing the very best products for your specific purpose. And when you have a problem, we’re there to help, day or night.

We thrive on complexity

There’s no industry with a broader range of cable and wire applications. From the cable that steps down power from substation to subway, to the copper and fibre optic network that runs the transit signalling system; from the analogue phone cable for PAX emergency phones to the building wire for receptacles and lights; from the catenary cable that powers streetcars and trolley buses to hazard-rated cabling for hazardous environments; each of your projects is intricate and demanding.

And that’s where we shine. With an accomplished track record over many years of supplying to mass transit and rail systems, we partner with you to meet your challenges. Whether you have exceptional constraints, unique product specifications or a tight timeframe, our goal is to meet both your technical and documentation requirements while protecting your timelines and project costs.

Our service philosophy—”All In”

Because of the way Noramco is structured, when you work with us you have all the benefits of dealing with a small business. We’re flexible and fast. We don’t have to ask head office for permission to quote a price, order a custom product, tailor our approach for your project or respond in an emergency.

But you also enjoy the pluses of dealing with a larger company, such as strong ties with a network of premier manufacturers. Some of the cable and wire you’ll need is readily available, and those items we stock in our distribution centres across the country. For everything else we source internationally, or have it made to order when that’s what it takes.

Whether sprint or marathon, we go the distance

Lots of suppliers can meet immediate needs for readily available cable and wire. And that’s not a bad thing – it’s part of the lightning fast response time we pride ourselves on at Noramco.

But when you have a complex multi-year project with multiple phases, you’ll want a partner with the expertise, resources, flexibility and stamina to reach the finish line.

Noramco has deep experience in all aspects of complex long-term projects, from the design and engineering phases through factory acceptance testing, training, installation and testing support. We’re set up to coordinate seamlessly with your project management, supplying product to your job site as-and-when needed to streamline your procurement and receiving over the long haul.

We take an agile approach to projects so when the scope or timelines change—we’re ready to respond.

Got a problem? No problem!

In a high-pressure industry like transit, when something goes wrong you need help in a hurry. With our 24-hr emergency line we can respond at top speed. Go ahead – call us at midnight. We’re here. We even jump if your problem is “only” urgent, not catastrophic. It’s the end of the day and you need product delivered at the start of tomorrow? Call. Please. You’ll be delighted. Or at the very least, relieved.

This is how Noramco brings value to our clients in the transit industry.

Case studies

Knocking down hurdles to meet production dates

The client

This client was the transit authority for a major Canadian city.

The challenge

The project ran into several delays at both the tender and procurement stages, placing the desired product delivery date at risk.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco worked with our US supplier to have their German plant move the production date forward. When it was ready, the manufacturer rushed delivery of the cabling to keep the client’s material and construction plan on track.

The result

Our client was thrilled with the result, citing Noramco’s extra efforts, our open communication during the process and our ability to deliver to their needs as key factors in preserving the project timetable.

Details technical specs—and more

The client

The client again was the transit authority for a major Canadian city.

The challenge

The client was building a signal system that required a special quad star cable, which was not available from North American manufacturers.

Noramco’s solution

Noramco proactively sought out the product and expanded our manufacturer network to meet the unique needs of this project. Working closely with the European manufacturer we offered a tender that included a full technical submission and product history, including location and projects.

The result

Our “get it done” approach and thorough documentation gave our client the confidence to award the contract to Noramco and move forward quickly with the project.