Noramco unveiled its official spokesperson; Norman, during the 4th annual

Toronto, July 3rd 2017 – The Noramco Carnival offered a glimpse at innovative product lines,
up to date technical information and new infrastructure equipment from some of the biggest
manufacturers in the industry. This year, there was a twist when Noramco unveiled its official
spokesperson Norman!

Norman who hails from mars and is in love with all things green, is set to become the official
spokesperson of Noramco Infrastructure. This will entail being part of upcoming publications,
promotions and potentially his own equipment seminar. Norman is committed to bringing lines
of safe and reliable infrastructure equipment that challenge conventional ways of thinking.

Norman represents the Noramco Infrastructure brand and signals the beginning of a new wave
of product offerings from Noramco. This line of products that Norman represents is comprised
of industry specific infrastructure equipment that range from SIMpull Solutions all the way to
electric vehicle charging stations.