Around this time of year plans are being made for machine repair and overhaul of equipment manufacturing plants all over. However, many of these decisions are being made without all of the necessary information. In order to be fully informed we have compiled a list of some of the most innovative products and services you absolutely need to know about.

  1. 650 continuous flex cable – Highly flexible cable that is tray rated – suitable for applications that require continuous flex in industrial machines as well as laying in tray. This product will drastically reduce your on hand inventory as it works for multiple applications.
  2. Panduit Verisafe – Verisafe is a one of kind voltage tester that tests for the absence of voltage with just the click of a button. With support for compliance when used as part of the lockout/tag out process described in NFPA 70E Panduit Verisafe is an efficient and easy to use product.
  3. Supply Chain Management – Gone are the days of managing your own inventory and not knowing whether or not the necessary raw materials will be readily available. With Noramco, inventory is constantly monitored and replenished without having to lift a finger. Let our experienced staff manage all of your SKU’s so you can focus on more important things.