Residential Products

P3000 30′ Enclosure
PR1500 15′ Allfield MDE Base
Universal Mounting Plate Kit – 10′

1,2,3, or 4 Port Wall Plates
Spec Sheet

8 Port Voice Module w/RJ31x

8 Port Cat5e Data/Voice Module

8 Port Cat6 Data Module
6 Port Cat6a Data Module
8 Port Cat6 and Coax Splitter
6 Port Cat6a and Coax Splitter
2-Way Coax Splitter

Connectivity and Media Panel Accessories

F Connector Keystone
Cat5e Data Jack
Cat6 Data Jack
Cat6A Data Jacks
Compact RJ Crimping Tool
Cat6/Cat5e UTP Snap Plug
Boot for UTP Snap Plug
Crimping Tool 180⁰
8-Port Network Switch
8-Port Hybrid Network Switch
(4PoE+/4 network)
8 Port Network Switch (all PoE+)