Teck 90 cable is a rugged, durable cable of versatile construction proven through many years of service in the most demanding industrial and resource industry applications – from mines and major resource industries such as the pulp and paper, petrochemical and metal industries to private homes, high rises and commercial buildings.

Teck 90 may be used under the following conditions:

•  Exposed or concealed wiring in dry or wet locations
•  In ventilated, non-ventilated or ladder type trays in dry or wet locations
•  Attached to wall or ceiling beams
•  Direct burial

Teck 90 cable construction may be modified for vertical installations in mine shafts and cable riser shafts of high rise buildings in a RISERTEK construction. RISERTEK is constructed with a heavy walled, ribbed inner jacket, wherein the armour is locked into place to prevent slippage of the inner core during vertical installations.