Buried Distribution and Service Wire BDWA

Technical Details

Product Description BDWA is a filled, doubled-jacketed buried wire intended for direct burial applications. It is designed to withstand installation stresses. BDW A is filled with an ETPR compound, which completely coats each insulated conductor and fills the air space between conductors. It is recommended for non-gopher areas.
Conductor Solid annealed copper
Insulation Polyolefin
Inner & Outer Jacket Black, polyethylene
Shield Smooth, copolymer-coated, 8 mil aluminum tape applied longitudinally over inner jacket and bonded to outer jacket, space under the tape is flooded to eliminate all air space.
Core Assembly Individual conductor dimensions are tightly controlled to limit resistance unbalance of twisted pairs; pair twist lays are varied to minimize crosstalk and meet capacitance and unbalance limits.
Approvals ANSI/ICEA S-86-634-2004. RoHS-Compliant
Applications Distribution circuits and service entrance wires

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