Complete Cable Cross-linked semi-conducting conductor shield, insulation and semi-conducting insulation shield are extruded over a solid or stranded aluminum or copper conductor and cured in a single operation. An uncoated copper tape (helically applied), polyester separator tape and extruded black PVC jacket are applied over the cable core.
Conductor Class B concentric lay stranded compact (4 AWG to 500 kcmil) or compressed (600 kcmil to 1000 kcmil) annealed uncoated copper or compact 1350 aluminum (all sizes).
Conductor Shield Extruded semi-conducting thermosetting polymeric stress control layer.
Insulation Extruded, unfilled Tree Retardant Cross-linked Polyethylene (TRXLPE) as defined in CSA C68.5 and CSA C68.10.
Insulation Shield Extruded semi-conducting thermosetting layer, clean and free stripping from insulation.
Metallic Shield Flat uncoated 2.7 mil thick copper tape helically applied with a minimum 15% overlap.
Jacket Black polyethylene jacket.
Features and Benefits  CSA C68.5 or CSA C68.10 listed
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