Dual Cat 5E Aluminum Armoured Category Cable

Technical Details

Insulation Colours
Pair 1: ColorTip Light Blue, Blue Pair 2: ColorTip Light Orange, Orange
Pair 3: ColorTip Light Green, Green Pair 4: ColorTip Light Brown, Brown
Jacket Inner and outer PVC
Jacket Colours Black or Blue
Armour Aluminum Interlocked Armour
Temperature -40°C to 75°C
Approvals CEC C(UL) Type CM. TIA/EIA 568.B.2 CAT 5e. Datatwist 350 spec
Rating CSA/FT4
Applications 100 Base TX, 100 Base VG ANYLAN, and 155 ATM, use in high bandwidth existing or applications such as 622 ATM and gigabit ethernet. Sunlight and oil resistant.

Product Specifications

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