Conductor Finely stranded bare copper to VDE 0295
Insulation Specially blended PVC
Jacket Gray oil resistant PVC
Features Non-wicking fillers with talc
Temperature -40°C to +90°C stationary, -5°C to +90°C flexible use
Voltage 600V
Applications Designed to permit easier handling and installation in confined operating areas. For use in all electrical equipment in dry, damp and wet conditions. Recommended applications include machine tools, assembly lines, control systems, data processing equipment, connections between control panels and machines, grinding machines, CNC machining centres and bottling equipment
Flexibility Minimum bend radius for installation is 5X cable diameter
Approvals CSA AWM II A/B FT1, CSA C22.2C210.2, UL AWM
Packaging 300m Spools, Long length Reels cut to length
Colour Code Black with White numbers, plus Green/Yellow ground, 2 conductor does not include ground
*OLFLEX-190 CY available for applications requiring a braid shield