Conductor Super fine stranded bare copper
Insulation Specially blended PVC
Jacket Black oil resistant PVC
Features Cabled with talc and non-wicking textile wrap over outer layer
Temperature -40°C to +90°C stationary. -5°C to +90°C flexible use
Voltage 600V
Applications Designed for continuous flex applications on gantry cranes, automated handling machines, pick and place
units, machine tools, conveyor systems and any other application where continuous flexing exists
Flexibility Minimum bend radius for continuous flexing is 8X cable diameter
Approvals CSA AWM II A/B FT1, CSA C22.2C210.2, UL style 2587
Packaging 300m Spools, Long length Reels cut to length
Colour Code Red with Black numbers, plus Green/Yellow. Also available in Blue
*OLFLEX-190 CY available for applications requiring a braid shield