Conductor Solid annealed copper
Insulation Solid polyolefin
Insulation Colours
Pair 1: ColorTip Light Blue, Blue Pair 2: ColorTip Light Orange, Orange
Pair 3: ColorTip Light Green, Green Pair 4: ColorTip Light Brown, Brown
Jacket Black, sunlight and weather resistant polyethylene
BBDE: Unshielded
BBDNE: Electrically continuous 0.20 mm polymer coated smooth aluminum tape, applied with an overlap
BBDGE: Electrically continuous 0.13 mm corrugated copper-clad armour, applied with an overlap shield and
flooded with a flooding compound
Filling Compound PFM thixotropic gel
ANSI/ICEA S-107-704-2006
Applications Designed to provide extension of the LAN beyond the premises. Suitable for buried applications