Description Single copper conductor with low temperature moisture resisting Exelene* cross-linked polyethylene insulation. CSA Spec C22.2 No. 38-95
Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Jackets Standard colours are available. Sunlight resistant options available, please inquire.
Application For open wiring and raceways (except cable troughs and ventilated flexible cableway) in dry or wet locations. For exposed wiring where exposed to weather with sunlight resistant insulation. Approved for use with ceiling fixtures.
Non-jacketed RW-90 (XLPE) cables are not suitable for installation in vaults and switch rooms under the conditions of C.E. Code Part 1 Rule
12-2204. Suitable flame retardant jacketed cables are available on request.
**For 3-wire 120/240 and 120/208V residential services or sub-services, the allowable ampacity for sizes #6, #2 and #4/0 AWG aluminum
shall be 60, 100 and 200 amperes respectively. #2/0 AWG copper shall be 200 amperes. In these cases, the 5% adjustment per C.E. Code
Rule 8-106(1) cannot be applied.
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