Description Single copper conductor with extra thickness of low temperature moisture resisting Exelene* cross-linked polyethylene insulation. CSA Spec C22.2 No. 38-M1986
Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Jackets Standard colours are available.
Standard Black #8 and larger is sunlight resistant and marked “Outdoor”; coloured insulation is NOT.
Application For direct earth burial (with protection as required by inspecting authority).** For exposed wiring where exposed to weather with sunlight resistant insulation. For service entrance above or below ground. ** Direct buried installations must comply with CE Code Rules 12-012 and 4-004.
***For 3-wire 120/240 and 120/208V residential services or sub-services, the allowable ampacity for #2/0 AWG copper shall be 200 amperes. In these cases, the 5% adjustment per C.E. Code Rule 8-106(1) cannot be applied.
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