Conductor Bare annealed copper ASTM B-174 flexible bunch strands
Insulation Colour coded synthetic rubber
Jacket Oil- and weather-resistant CPE, Black
Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Voltage 300V
Applications Designed for outdoor/indoor use with industrial equipment, heavy tools motors and welding leads, power
extensions, portable machinery, sound equipment, portable stage lights, marine dockside power and
mining applications. SJOOW is completely water submersible.
Approvals CSA C22.2 No. 49 FT1/FT2, UL-62, ROHS Compliant
Packaging 75m, 150m & 300m spools, Long length Reels cut to length
Colour Code 2c – Black, White 3c – Black, White, Green 4c – Black, White, Red, Green*
*Green Conductor used for grounding purposes only
*Ampacities (Amps per conductor) are based on 30°C ambient temperature in air, 90°C conductor temperature