SVT Retractile Cord

Technical Details

Conductor Stranded bare copper
Insulation PVC
Jacket White or Black PVC
Temperature +105°C
Voltage 300V
Applications Designed as power supply cord on machine tools, communication equipment, test equipment, power and distribution equipment, home appliances, lighting, mobile controls and numerous other applications.
Approvals CSA, UL
Colour Code
2C Black, white
3C Black, white, green
*Ampacities (Amps per conductor) are based on 30°C ambient temperature in air, 90°C conductor temperature
Retracted Length: 48″, Extended Length: 20′, Tangent Lead Both Ends: 6″
Also available in 36”, 24” & 12” retracted lengths with 1:5 ratio extended lengths – please inquire for further details

Product Specifications

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