Conductor Bare annealed copper flexible rope-lay stranded
Insulation Colour coded synthetic rubber
Jacket Extra hard usage black, oil and weather resistant CPE
Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Voltage 2000/5000/8000/15000V
Applications Designed for use as heavy duty trailing cable on mining equipment where maximum safety is required. Also suitable for high voltage distribution in underground mines where portable power is required
Packaging Long length Reels cut to length
Cabling Three insulated conductors (Black, White, Red) are assembled round with two uninsulated grounding conductors, one insulated yellow ground check, solid elastomer filler as required, and an overall tape separator
Ground Check Annealed tinned copper, rope-lay-stranded, tape separator, Yellow insulation
Ground Wires Uninsulated, rope-lay-stranded tinned copper
Insulation Shield tinned copper braid (85% minimum coverage) over each conductor
Tape Shield Semi-Conducting colour coded tape (5. 8. & 15KV only)
Reinforcement An open reinforcement is applied over the assembly for mechanical strength
* Ampacities (Amps per conductor) are based on 30C ambient temperature in air, 90C
* NIT: Nominal Insulation Thickness