As part of our efforts to connect with our suppliers and customers during our 50th year in business, we have been awarding various prizes throughout the year. To date, we have given away several big-screen televisions, hybrid road/mountain bikes, golf clubs, iPhones, workbenches, to name a few. All year long, these have been enjoyable conversations to have with our customers. However, last month, one of our customers took us by surprise when we contacted them to award them their prize.

Lopes Limited, which is a world-class fabricator and construction company for all types of industrial markets, wanted to do a little extra with their award. Rather than raffle off the prize to one of their employees, they decided on a perfect recipient. They decided to give their prize (a 65” television) to a family in need of some indoor entertainment during provincial lockdown. The family in question had recently moved to Canada from South America and were absolutely astonished at the generosity shown by Lopes and their employees.

Lopes Limited also donates to other charities in their local Sudbury area whenever they can. This time, they decided to give the prize directly to a family whose appreciation they could experience first-hand, and it made for a great surprise.

Since Noramco was established in 1971, being a productive member of the community was a very important mission of our founder, Mr. George McNeil. This example of generosity from our customer, Lopes Limited, is a fitting tribute to the legacy we hoped to establish in our 50 years of operation.

We want to sincerely thank Lopes Limited for their generosity and their continued success as an active member of their community.