What is Olflex Chain ?

Olflex Chain is a remodelled control cable from Lapp Group’s product line that offers multiple uses in torsion, flex and automation. A unique feature of this cable is its ability to lay in raceways due to its tray rating. Facilities that would most benefit from this cable is automated warehouses, equipment manufacturing plants and robotic machines.

How can Olflex Chain help you ?

With multiple applications Olflex Chain is able to reduce your on-hand inventory by up to 50%*. Olflex Chain moves seamlessly from tray to automation (or other) application. Lapp’s Olflex chain a very versatile cable that helps save space and save the stress of switching from tray rated to other application cable.

Olflex Chain cable construction

Olflex Chain cable is made up of class 6 extra fine wire conductor stranding. The conductors are also twisted in short lay length. The Olflex Chain cable features a tough, abrasion-resistant jacket. Additional shielding to prevent noise is available.

Applications for Olflex Chain


    • Machine Tools
    • Packaging Units
    • Robotics
    • Crane/Lift Systems
    • Stage Equipment
    • Automation
    • Other

    Olflex Chain Webinar

    To learn more about Olflex Chain watch our full webinar below


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